Eight weeks, 50%

The last game I was a part of making during my first year at the game assembly. A fun little top down adventure where you have to repair your ship after crashing on a remote island. Made using the in-house TGA2D engine. My contributions included particles and most of the puzzle elements in the game such as pressure plates and movable objects.



Eight weeks, 50%

The third game of our first year was the first made in the TGA2D engine. I worked closely with level designers and animators because my main focus was enemies and the final boss of the game. All enemy spawning and enemy data was imported from json documents which were exported from the level design tool Tiled.



Six weeks, 50%

The only mobile game that we made at TGA. It was made using Unity. A puzzle game about two sisters who have to help each other from different sides of the game world. I made most of the puzzle elements such as movable objects, pressure plates, and levers.



Six weeks, 50%

The first project from my time at TGA. An endless runner where you traverse ancient Egypt in a rocket ship. A fun project in Unity to start things of. Being the first game we made at The Game Assembly everyone did a bit of everything. I was mostly involved in making the player character, UI and menus.  



Ten weeks, 100%

A project I was part of during my studies at the university of Skövde. I had a role as a game writer, working on the lore and flavor texts of the game. I also did some game design and game balancing in Unreal Engine.